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Monday 29 May 2017


Show your Canadian pride, shout it loud and proud from all the scenic cliffs, the lighthouses and the C.N Tower! Or have the most talked about Canada Day party to come for the next decade and beyond. Considering the monumentuos birthday Canada is having this year the pressure’s on pretty heavy to give the young girl a party that’s worth her wonderfulness.

Canada Day glow party idea’s below courtesy of your friends at Aura Effect.

Canadian imagery is recognizable around the world and often unmistakable. Create a Canadians heaven of beavers, moose, maple leafs, igloo’s, the one cent penny, the epic outlines of our great cities and provinces, and of course everything to do with hockey.
Simple or detailed images are both possible on all surfaces of our LED furniture and décor and a detailed and unique way to enforce your events theme. Plus the photo ops for social media are pretty wicked.

Although our LED furniture and décor does come equipped with 16 different colour options for Canada Day you may only need two. Choose your desired colour and setting including strobe, flash and fade with a pocket sized remote. Batteries last for 12 hours and are easily rechargeable for multiple day events.
The LED lights will keep your guests’ energy high and allow the party to flow seamlessly from dawn till dusk without having to worry about candles, lamps or extension cords for extra light.

Play traditional games from your Canadian childhood such as tag, water balloon fights or relay races but this time do  it with some glow! Our glowing accent pillars, balls and orbs are the perfect addition to any backyard or open space and can easily be incorporated into the days festivities.

However you're spending Canada's 150th, please do so resposnsibly. Arrange for a designated driver, taxi or Uber home from your events. Happy Birthday Canada! 

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