Aura Effect

Friday 26 May 2017


You may be wondering what a party would look like with a little bit of glow? Or perhaps you may have experienced an event with LED glow furniture and décor so you KNOW how amazing it can actually be.

Either way Aura Effect is spreading the word today on how easy and aesthetically pleasing it is to incorporate a little or a lot of LED glow into your upcoming event.

It’s a one stop shop with Aura effect as we supply; benches, couches, chairs, lounge area’s, tall cruiser tables for cocktail hour,  360 degrees or a stunning 12 ft. curved bar, plus a huge selection of décor including glow pillars, balls, orbs and a self serve glowing candy bar.

Picture your guests relaxing on a spacious  and elegantly glowing curved bench alongside  a lower table accompanied with a built in drink chiller and ice bucket – also glowing! The LED lights that emit from the furniture and décor keep the energy and good vibes of your event flowing, allowing guests to mingle and socialize carefree.

Our designed-by-you, one of a kind vinyl appliques can be expertly applied to any of our LED furniture supply. This includes everything from drink menus on the front of the glowing bar to labeled ice buckets chilling an assortment of different beverages. Any image, brand or design you can imagine , we can create!

Place glow décor near your DJ stand, dance floor or stage. This allows for the entertainment to be the focal point of the room and automatically draws guests eyes and attention that way.  Place smaller pieces of LED glow décor throughout the room to create continuity and to keep the guests moving and their energy high.

If you’re throwing a fundraiser, race or community event, use any of our event tents with glowing tables and service stands to direct the public your way for registration or information services.

The  many uses and creative ways LED glow furniture and décor can take your party or event to the next level is endless. Visit our website for images of our full inventory and consult with us today about  personalized vinyl decals!

Party on Toronto!

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