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Wednesday 20 September 2017


With only 95 days until Christmas, Aura Effect is feeling a little generous. Yes. I said 95. 

We’re spilling a secret on how to throw a red carpet worthy event with glow. There’s one décor piece that professional event decorators have been using for years. Runways, weddings, product launches, movie premiers and Bat Mitzvah’s have all featured LED open and solid cubes.  It’s absolutely ideal for any event that you can imagine, especially after sundown when your guests can fully admire the gorgeous LED illumination and the beauty that beholds the 16 different display colours.

So let’s talk about how to step your event game up with our illuminated LED cubes and balls. There are a multitude of uses and ways to display these pieces both for décor and advertising purposes. They are easily stackable, weatherproof & come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker.

Aura Effect currently has over 100 SOLID &OPEN FACE CUBES plus GLOW BALLS & PILLARS. 

Our cubes come in sizes 12”, 16” 28” 32”.
Our glow balls come in 12” 14” 16” 32”.

Below you’ll find a list of great events and ways to incorporate this glow décor with pictures from past events featuring our LED cubes and balls. 

Bar Back Display
Lawn or Garden Party
Sports Parties – basketball and baseball vinyl’s to wrap the balls 
Athletic Banquets
VIP Area’s
Entrance Ways
Casino Nights
Product Promotions
Tradeshow Exhibits
Kids Party’s - ABC's, Number Blocks, Candy Buffet 
Wedding Décor & Center Pieces
Dance Floor Décor
Trophy Display
Sensory Playroom & Activities
Bars and Nightclubs
Photoshoots & Music Video’s 
Retirement Parties 
Corporate Events 
Bachelor/Bachelorette/Stag n’ Doe’s

Various size cubes. 

Bottle Display. 

Trophy Display, Athletic Banquet.

Theme Night with Vinyl's. 

Candy Buffet. 

Various Colours. 

Jumbo Cubes being used as the base of an illuminated dessert table at a wedding. 

Find the photo's on Instagram from your event easily with an original hashtag printed on the cubes. 

Tradeshow Display. 

Glow Balls.

Visit our website for our full inventory at and call our events department today for a quote on cube décor. Don’t forget to personalize with custom vinyl’s!

Party on, Toronto!

TheAura Effect Team 

Tuesday 12 September 2017


Have you planned your summer’s end party preparations? I’m aware you might be tired of everyone reiterating the fact that summer’s coming to an eventual end but it is. So what better way to end a stellar summer than with a glow in the dark LED tiki themed Hawaiian party!?!

Imagine your outdoor space after dark, decked out with glowing green and yellow service bars surrounded by luminescent couches, tables and glowing orbs sprinkled throughout the lawn. Your glowing ice buckets can be full of hibiscus and floral imagery as per our custom vinyl decals along with a themed party name. Anything you desire we can print and apply on all of our products for your party. Our weatherproof LED glow furniture & decor comes equipped with 16 colour options and three ways to display through a pocket sized remote.

Once you have your glowing LED pieces chosen to compliment your party consider our black top event tent if weather is a concern. Rain or extreme heat and sun can damper people’s spirit so a little bit of shade and shelter can go a long way.

There’s a wide range of glow in the dark party accessories and necessities such as cups, plates, utensils, serving dishes, linens and other trinkets in different themed categories.
Check out big box party supply stores along with lesser known websites and more boutique party shops for unique and theme fitting items.


1. Tonic water glows blue in UV light - perfect to use in your Hawaiian Punch.
2. Make party signage with neon markers on a blackboard that can reflect UV or black lights.
3. Glow in the dark clothing & apparel exists - a perfect addition to a glowing tiki party.

Aloha, Toronto!!
The Aura Effect Team

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Getting A Jump On Your Halloween Party Plans

Calling all Halloween enthusiasts! 

Halloween preparation time is right around the corner. Time to get a jump on the festivities before the shops and supply stores turn to mayhem. After deciding on costumes comes the next best part, deciding how to best scare your children and their friends. Don't have kids? That’s what the neighbours are for.

Creating a haunted house, spooky lawn, backyard or traditional Halloween aesthetic in front of your house is easier than ever with Aura Effect’s large supply of LED furniture and decor. 16 different colour options and 3 ways to display means lots of spooky glow to be had.

Keep in mind we offer custom image or text vinyl decals that can be applied to any of our stock. Custom image decals is a great way to personalize your event with scary and iconic halloween images as well as signage for guests trying to navigate their way through a haunted house.

There are so many aspects of your Halloween party where LED furniture and decor can be displayed making it ultra memorable for everyone. Hundreds of websites and big box stores will have the neon and glowing party supplies, themed trinkets and paper decor you desire.

For bigger items such as glowing balls, orbs, couches and cubes contact us and our event experts will work with you to create the spooky, glowing one-of-a-kind Halloween bash you're after. 

Let's get creative, Toronto!

The Aura Effect Team