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Tuesday 25 July 2017


Parties are great. There’s music, dancing, drinks, great ambience and hopefully great company. Then there’s what I believe to be the most important component to any event - food.

Food display is a crucial element to your event. It should be easily accessible, clean, organized and inviting. Your food display should also have some continuity for guests to avoid food line traffic jams, overcrowding at the buffet or confusion over what the offerings are.

Consider the following 3 elements when displaying your food offerings at your next event.

Your food display should be visually appealing and welcoming to your guests. Step it up a notch with LED glow tables and stands. Aura Effect’s LED tables can switch between 16 different colour options to match your decor theme.
The illumination from the glowing tables will draw your guests attention toward the food display and add a touch of elegance. Guests will be clamouring to view the tasty treats.

Your menu should consist of options for every type of eater; meat, vegetarian and vegan. Your food offerings should be clearly labeled to inform guests of the dish and its ingredients. If a dish contains any type of nut it’s imperative to inform your guests due to the possibility of an allergic reaction.&

Typically, unless it’s a sit-down 3 course dinner your portion sizes should be appetizer like and easy to consume in a cocktail setting. Finger food or boxed foods work best. For example, mini poutines or mini fish and chips inside chinese takeout boxes served with a wooden fork. Mini portions is a great way to feed your guests. The mini offerings will decrease food waste and are super creative and tasty. 

Although you may have noticed the typical ‘wedding cake’ has decreased slightly in popularity as new and inventive grand dessert displays are being made to celebrate a newlyweds sweet union - it still tops the list for many couples.

Aura Effect suggests displaying your desserts or cake atop one of our closed glow cubes. Personalize your display by creating an image or text vinyl to be applied to the glowing display cube. Guests attention will immediately be focused on the sweetest part of the night - the dessert table.

Whether they eat it or not remains to be unseen. FYI, chocolate is always a fan favourite.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more blogs on everything to do with  parties.
Party on Toronto!

Special Events Journalist
Danielle Wilfong

Tuesday 18 July 2017


No matter what the occasion it’s important to consider the following 5 steps to planning and executing an event in Toronto and the GTA. In a city of over 9 million people things can get pretty hectic and if some or all of your guests live out of town this mini but important checklist is a must.

There are some crazy cool event venues in Toronto. Whether it’s for a wedding, corporate event, Bat Mitzvah or product launch - Toronto has no shortage of unique event spaces that can be customized to fit your event theme.
Casa Loma is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing venues in T.O and its a castle! Constructed in 1914 Casa Loma was originally built as a living compound for a wealthy financier. Every year it hosts hundreds of private events and public tours.
The Berkley Church, originally constructed in 1871 is now used as a stunning event venue. It's elegance and gorgeous outside space makes this a favourite of Toronto Event planners. 

Toronto is a city that loves to party and celebrate. At any time there are a number of festivals, exhibits and special events happening in and around the big smoke. Compile a list of  current attractions and events that will be going on during their stay so they can fully experience the great city Torontonians do everyday.

This information is a necessity to your guests. Toronto is known for its crazy, year round construction so driving around town may be tricky depending on where your venue and your guests accommodations are located. And let’s not forget old faithful – the TTC. Routes are often closed due to repairs so we suggest some alternative best option routes for your guests to navigate around. Also, add a list of popular and not so known about tourist attractions for their downtime and how best to travel to them.

There are more then plenty of hotels to choose from but as you head further away from the downtown core the options and availability may lessen. Send out a list of nearby and affordable hotels and accommodations close to your venue with the initial invitation or save-the-date card. Out of town guests will appreciate this gesture and is sure to make their trip into the city that much more enjoyable.

You came to show your guests a good time so go the extra mile and personalize your event with custom vinyl decals that can be applied to any clean surface. Aura Effect is known for their creative and one of a kind images and vinyls which are applied over a vast selection of their LED Furniture and decor.
Customizing your event with images or text is a great way to elevate your party to an unforgettable level.

Try not to get caught up in the stress of it all and have fun, this is a party after all!

Party on Toronto!

Danielle Wilfong 
Special Events Journalist

Tuesday 11 July 2017


For kids summer is the best part of the year; no school, no homework and lots of fun in the sun. if your child is lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer (or if you just want to up your ‘cool’ mom status with a summer shindig) here’s a second round of kids party ideas to keep your little ones well entertained in the coming months. 

Kids love bubbles and to be honest as an adult I think they’re pretty cool as well. Your local dollar store or big box store of your liking will have everything you need to throw a bubble bash. Set up a table in the backyard filled with bubble accessories and let the kids have at it.

For older children you’d be wise to rent or purchase the round plastic bubble balls. Make sure they have a wide enough space to run and play because once those human filled bubble balls start bouncing around there’s no telling which way they’ll bounce – a fan favourite for sure.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, chances are you fancy a cupcake once and a while. And if you’re a kid, you probably fancy them all the time. 
For your child’s next birthday wow their guests by having them decorate their own dessert. Pre bake plain cupcakes and set up a decorating station filled with different flavour icing, various toppings and decorations.

I’m not going to lie, it’s probably going to get messy but the memories will be worth it! 

Mini putting is a must for a kids birthday- we all did it! Step it up a notch by bringing your brood to a glow in the dark mini putting range. Located all over in the GTA it’s a blast and something out of the ordinary.

Many places have party rooms to rent and will supply pizza for your guests but you could step it up a notch by bringing the party to your backyard which can also be outfitted to be ‘glow in the dark’. Here’s how: 

Rent some LED glow balls, pillars and cubes to transform your backyard into a glowing, fluorescent fun house. 

Fill neon balloons with water (or paint regular balloons with neon paint) Wait until the sun goes down and bam! You’ve got a glow in the dark water balloon bash. 
Get some non toxic neon paint and paintbrushes and let the kids paint their exposed arms and legs . The kids will love it!

Canadian Summers are fleeting so make the most of yours while you can! Stay tuned to our blog for more summer fun activities, tips and tricks. 

Party on Toronto! 

Tuesday 4 July 2017


Toronto is still is the midst of a condo boom and buyers all over are scooping them up faster than they can be built, quite literally. Although condo living may have its downsides i.e. less space and no backyard - it has many perks that do appeal to people such as downtown city living and close proximity to all amenities 24/7.
After you take possession of your condo chances are you’ll have plenty of eager visitors waiting for that ‘condo warming party’.
Since Aura Effect is no stranger to throwing parties we’re offering up some tips and tricks on how to best use your small space to throw a big condo jam.

We know you’ll go on a cleaning binge before the party day to ensure your new home  is ready for viewing but have you thought about the party layout?

For instance, clear your counter space of any toasters, unused glasses etc. to  free up counter space for food and cocktails.

Stash any breakables in a closet to ensure your precious items are kept safe in case the party takes a wild turn.

Designate one room for shoes, jackets etc.

Most condo’s have party rooms or roof top terraces available for resident’s use. In some cases you may be required to pay a nominal fee or a security deposit. Either way this is a great ‘second space’ for your soiree.

Invite your guests upstairs to view your new digs, designate a room specifically for jackets, purses etc. and then have the main gathering in the condo party room or terrace. Not only will your guests be able to view more of where you live, it’ll allow for more socializing and space for party games such as flip cup, beer pong and adult filled piƱata’s. Plus – your condo will stay clean!

Glow decor is all the rage these days and not to mention, completely instagram worthy so think about incorporating some into your event.

In some more expensive and elaborate condos they have rental suites available to residents of the condo specifically for out of town guests that may be visiting but are not able to stay in your condo unit. These definitely require a nightly rental fee but are well worth it when it comes to your guests comfort. If your condo doesn’t offer rental suites we suggest compiling a list of moderately priced, nearby hotels for guests to choose from.

This thoughtful gesture will most definitely be appreciated by your guests and will allow party goers to get a little loose and have some drinks if they desire without having to worry about driving home or spending money on an Uber.

Other helpful tips include keeping a strict guest list so as not to overcrowd your space, politely informing your neighbours of your get together the day before and securing some extra parking passes for your guests to eliminate the nightmare of finding parking downtown. If your condo doesn’t allow guest parking passes send out a map that pin points parking lots near your condo.

Condo living may be a bit cramped at times but can also have big benefits. It’s all about perspective.

Party on Toronto!