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Tuesday 27 September 2016


The last days of summer are upon us and as sad as it is to see another summer in the big smoke pass, holiday enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing. Christmas 2016 is sure to be a cold one, according to the farmer’s almanac but today Aura Effect is offering holiday party tips to ensure your Christmas party is the hottest one of the season.

Christmas parties evoke thoughts of mistletoe and red, white and green décor, fake snow on the windows and a Christmas tree in the corner. However, there are no rules when throwing your holiday bash. This year how about trying a tropical Christmas party? Put a palm tree with Christmas lights in the corner, turn up the heat and have everyone come dressed in beach wear and Santa hats. The possibilities are endless when you put a little creativity into your event.
NEW PRODUCT* Aura Effect is pleased to announce they have added a 7 ft. tall LED glowing snowman to their roster of LED décor, a perfect prop for holiday photo booths.
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An open bar is the usual standard at Christmas parties, especially at corporate holiday events. This year I’m encouraging you to step it up. Have your guests enjoy custom cocktails to go with your chosen theme. Instead of heavy, sit down dinners have your guests enjoy plenty of passed apps like mini poutines, meat and veggie skewers, mini sausage wraps in the shape of Christmas wreaths and deviled eggs snowmen. You can also check out the cost of renting some food trucks. Outsourcing the food will lessen your load as the party planner plus your guests will be impressed at the eclectic variety that food trucks often offer.
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Holiday parties are meant to encourage people to get loose and celebrate the end of another year. Make sure your event space and décor reflects the theme and mood you strive for. Possible event spaces can include glamorous bowling alleys, trampoline venues (there are more than you think), private spaces in your favourite restaurant or even art galleries. Wherever you choose to throw your holiday soiree, Aura Effect is ready to outfit the venue with any and all of our stellar LED glowing furniture and décor. The glowing benches, 360 degree bars and elegant glow balls and orbs will ensure your guests have a memorable time and will keep the party going as long as you let it.

Check in with us every week as we move further into the end of the calendar year for more holiday tips and tricks. We’ve only just begun to get this party started Toronto!
Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist 

Saturday 10 September 2016


When hosting an event it’s necessary to make all of your guests feel important and valued. However, when your event has VIP’s in attendance it’s imperative to make them feel almost like royalty. After all, if they’re at your event and they’re considered VIP - they must be pretty important to your business or organization.

Today Aura Effect is listing ways in which you can impress your VIP guests and make sure their experience is one to remember.

Creating a specially made and marked off VIP area is the best way to ensure your VIP guests have both privacy and exclusivity. VIP areas can differ from general public areas by certain distinguishing features such as; more comfortable and visually appealing seating, a greater selection of food and drink options with personal servers and bartenders and a specially marked off section with VIP red ropes. Having an event tent to ensure your VIP’s stay dry in case any bad weather rolls in is also recommended.

Personalizing your VIP’s experience is a great way to have them remember your event for years to come. For instance, serving an exclusive cocktail to your VIP’s is a great way to make them feel extra special and important. Say your clients business colours are blue and green; serve a layered cocktail with blue and green liqueur and garnish with the corresponding colour of fruit.  Your VIP clients will be impressed and appreciate the added, thoughtful gesture.

You’ve planned your event and the VIP section down to the last detail. Everything seems great but you have the feeling it’s missing that extra something special. We suggest having small (not cheap) and thoughtful parting gift exclusive to your VIP guests only. Possible examples include; wine openers or keychains engraved with VIP guests’ names or exclusively bottled wine with personalized labels.
Having something tangible that your VIP’s can leave with will remind them just how great the party was and it will keep them looking forward to your events to come.  

Aura Effect suggests using any of our large selection of LED glow furniture and service stations in the VIP area. The 16 different colour and display options are visually appealing and will definitely make your guests stand out from the crowd. You can also have VIP decals added to the seating and display area’s to let everyone in attendance know exactly where and who the VIP’s are.
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Party on Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team

Friday 2 September 2016


That feeling when you know you’re forgetting something but you’re not quite sure what, it can be
stressful, especially when it pertains to your party, event or celebration.  A whole lot of work goes into planning the perfect event and let’s face it; no one on this earth is perfect. Today, Aura Effect has compiled a list of commonly forgotten and overlooked party components to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Sure, you have a playlist in mind but don’t forget to check your event space for outlets, extra power cords and speakers to ensure the music can flow freely.

Not all guests are alike and their food preferences are no different. In today’s health conscience world you are bound to run into certain allergens and dietary restrictions. Be prepared to have a wide selection of food, appetizers and drinks to ensure everyone can share in the deliciousness.

This is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure you have every detail accounted for. Print multiple copies and delegate certain tasks and responsibilities to your responsible co-party planners.

Unless you’re having a sit down dinner it’s not necessary to have a chair for every single guest at your event. Most guests prefer to walk around and mingle. Aura Effect suggests having half or two thirds the seating in ratio to your guest count available to guests. Check out Aura Effect’s website for pricing on our wide selection of LED glow furniture seating.

Lighten your load and make sure you have capable wait and service staff for your function. Make sure they are clear on your preferred service instructions and relax; you’ve planned a great party so you should enjoy it too!
If you need help finding service staff for your event an Aura Effect representative will happily put you in contact with talented bartenders and wait staff.

Guests are more likely to enjoy alcoholic beverages and let loose when they know they have a designated sober way home. This can include pre ordering taxis, uber’s or renting a school bus to drop people at home after the party concludes. You can also post local bus route times and phone numbers for taxi companies in the washrooms and near the exit.

Aura Effect is serious about being your number one choice for glowing and LED furniture rentals and purchases which is why our company will go above and beyond to put you in contact with any other vendors and services you need to bring your event to the next level. We are a one stop shop for all your party planning needs. We look forward to helping plan your next event in the near future.

Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist