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Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Parent Planner: Graduation and Prom Parties 👩‍🎓

Proms and graduations are a pivotal time in any persons life, often celebrated in large gatherings with plenty of friends, family, food & drink. In recent years the popularity and extravagance level of proms, prom proposals and graduation parties have reached an all time high thanks to social media platforms which allow this generation to constantly out do each other for the world to see.

For those pinned with the task of planning said fabulous party it tends to get a bit hectic. Lucky for you, Aura Effect happens to be experts in the area of extravagant parties, it’s kind of our specialty.

Check out our suggestions for the most talked about Prom & Grad parties this season.

Low benches, lounge couches, service bar, 360 degree bar – we literally have it all. Not to mention LED illuminated ice buckets, balls and orbs, glow pillars for your grand entrance and an LED candy buffet to hit up before the Uber ride home.

Properly distinguish any guests of honour or VIP’s with specialized seating area’s. Sectioning off a VIP only area with different or extended, spacious seating is easy with our classic red velvet rope. Often times the tiniest personalized gestures can go the longest way to leave lasting memories with your guests.

Deck out your venue with glowing furniture and décor emblazoned with your school name, graduating class year, school mascots image or even your own face! The sky is the limit when it comes to customized vinyl decals and images. Anything you desire can be designed, printed and expertly applied to any of our LED rental items.

Just think of the photo ops! Get creative and consult with us today.

All of our LED furniture and décor is waterproof with a 12 hour battery life. Switch between the 16 various colour options easily with our pocket sized remote or set the lighting to strobe, flash or fade. Stun your guests with the impressive and creative lighting and décor.

Visit our website today for more information on our LED furniture and décor rental supply.  Party on Toronto!

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