Aura Effect

Thursday 15 August 2019


Your teenage daughter is soon to be sixteen!

She's smart, witty, charming, beautiful and like the majority of girls her age; embarking on womanhood. It seems like just yesterday you were swaddling her in freshly washed cotton blankets and the softest onesie you could find. Now, you're still doing her laundry only this time you have no say in what she wears. #momsofteenagers

As her sweet sixteen milestone birthday approaches there's a few things you'll need to consider before planning the most epic party and securing your spot as a super cool mom.

Did you know that the 'sweet 16' celebration concept originated in the Victorian area where a debutante party represented ushering a coming of age woman into society with the sole purpose of attracting a suitable husband.

Luckily this is 2019 and while I'm sad to say the rights of women are still far from where they should need to be, a sweet sixteen party no longer has such an archaic connotation.

Instead, it's a female fete that honours empowerment, self transformation, mindfulness and maturity.

The venue should be easily accessible and able to accommodate your guest list, entertainment and any other special surprises you have planned. This is relatively unknown but some venues can have outrageous power usage bills depending on what type of plug-in displays and decor you have.


Our functional LED furniture and decor is delivered fully charged, remote operated and has a battery life of 12 hours. The soft, multicolour illumination provides a great atmosphere and saves on electrical costs! 

Our stock is also ideal for venues with little to no infrastructure like an open concept banquet hall, private room or backyard. You find the space and we'll fill it for your party wishes.


Your girl is one in a million so her sweet 16 party should be tailored just that way and we all know that the bones of a great celebration are in the details. Customization and branding of our LED furniture and decor with images and text is easy and recommended to make the most of your rental and memory books.


Our LED orbs and cubes have also been used as table decor centrepieces for larger scale affairs. A little creativity goes a long way in designing these pieces that can ultimately transform the venue into your desired theme. 


Good lighting is a non negotiable element for a sweet sixteen Instagram moment which is why all of our products glow.
We have an open faced candy cube display that can be customized to size, a 40 ft. LED party bar that has been used for minor friendly events (think smoothie bar), glowing buffet tables, couches, cocktail tables and our newest addition, an LED dance floor.

Don't forget about a great entrance! We have a stunning entrance tunnel that can be customized and red carpet decor.

That 'Break The Internet' Element

Photo booths have soared in popularity but will soon be older than you feel having a sixteen year old. Try something new and absolutely shock your daughter with your creativity. We recommend a modernized 360° step and repeat photo installation using our solid and open faced cubes for imagery and text. Check out a crazy one we did for a past client here


Now, are you ready to plan the sweetest sweet 16 your daughter has ever dreamed of? WE ARE! 

The possibilities are truly endless but don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself in person. Our 3500 sqft warehouse is located at 689 Warden Ave, unit #14 in Scarborough right behind TTC's Warden Station. We're open Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm and we want to hear your ideas! Check out pictures of past events on our website for sweet 16 party inspiration.


We also love to support local businesses and those we trust. We have working relationships with some truly phenomenal, quality event companies in the GTA including Love Gelato, HART Entertainment and Marquee Marc just to name a few. Ask our head events coordinator Robyn about a list of preferred event vendors and she'll hook you up!