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Thursday 26 October 2017


Holiday work parties. You either love them, loathe them or are downright scared of them. Sure it can be intimidating mingling with your superiors and co-workers in a social and most likely alcohol fueled setting but what about the poor soul tasked with planning this soiree? They’re the real MVP. They’ve got to please everyone & make sure it’s a fun and safe time all while trying to impress the big boss.

Listen up corporate holiday party planners, today I’m talking to you!

Gift exchanges done in the workplace are usually capped at a certain limit, most likely between 25$ -50$. If you’re lucky enough to have your work BFF draw your name then great, but for the other 95% of employees who have NO idea what to gift their co-worker it can be stressful.

This year try having everyone in the office re-gift something they’ve received or something they've been dying to rid their space of! The collection of eclectic offerings will definitely have you laughing. Those who have received only wonderful gifts and that fill their homes with awesome stuff they wouldn’t want to rid themselves of can make a donation in a co-workers name to a local charity.

Catered events are cool and all but I mean, it’s been done. Bringing the whole office out to a fancy restaurant is also pretty cool but can get a little snooze inducing, speaking from personal experiences of course.

This year give your staff something different, something fun and something for everyone. I’m talking about some food trucks baby, yeah! To be honest, after hitting an open bar who doesn’t love a taco or two, maybe a well done street meat, poutine, tiny toms donuts and smoky BBQ ribs? There are a ton of wicked food trucks in Toronto right now, book now to wow your way to the top!

Keep your event fun and moving well into the night with some LED glow furniture and décor. No matter the venue this glowing LED stock is perfect for every event. You can create grand entrance ways, unique backdrops for the holiday photo booth and glowing lounge areas after your guests have had enough of the dance floor. We even have a glowing VIP area for your boss and their posse.

Customized and vinyl printed furniture and décor with your company’s logo, image or holiday theme is also a great and unique way of showing your attention to detail and going that extra mile. Visit to view our entire stock and past events we’ve done.

Call us today for help planning your one of a kind glowing Christmas party!

Happy holiday planning!
The Aura Effect Team

Thursday 19 October 2017


Halloween is one of those holidays that children and adults alike look forward to every year. You've got the usual scary stuff; your ghosts, goblins and monsters. Then there's the skeletons and sound effects in the haunted house but here's a thought...what about a little LED glow to celebrate the festivities ? 

                                                            GET SOME GLOW 
A haunted house is already dark and nightfall is the ideal backdrop for our LED glow furniture and decor. with 16 different colour options it's easy to pick a spooky colour scheme. Play around with your display using our pocket size remotes offering the options of flash, fade and strobe. 
It doesn't matter who you are, a good Halloween party is mostly appreciated by everyone and by adding a glow element you're sure to etch your name in the Halloween hall of fame graveyard. 

As seen in our images below, non-permanent paints and watercolours work perfect for bloody handprints, blood spatter, spiderwebs and any other image you have in mind for your spooky space. 
Aura Effect offers customization of images or text that can be expertly applied to any of our LED stock. There are also lots of Halloween decals and glow in the dark stickers you can find at both dollar and big box department stores that would pair perfectly. 

Aura Effect prides ourselves on executing our ideas and events in a creative and personalized way. Your event is only going to be as memorable as you make it so think outside the box and take risks. 
Creepy food displays, bobbing for heads in a large glow bucket, chilling bottles of vampire blood in our LED glow ice buckets and more! Call us and we'll work with you to plan the glowing Halloween event of your nightmares!

No matter how you're celebrating this year we hope it's spooky, scary and most of all safe! And remember, don't be the house that gives out apples - no one likes that house. 🍎

Party on Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team 

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Follow These 3 Steps & Your Parties Will Be Unforgettable

Throwing a party is harder than your guests know. But they’re not supposed to know how hard it is right? I mean that’s the whole point, to throw an amazing party for amazing people with delicious food and look absolutely fabulous while doing so. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

Today Aura Effect is giving up the goods on our party tricks. These 3 steps listed below will ensure your party basics are more than covered and with a little creativity and a lot of hard work, your party will be Instagram worthy in no time!

Whether it’s a Bachelorette, Bat Mitzvah or Baby shower, most parties have a theme. If you’re throwing a regular old Saturday night shindig, even that can have a theme - and should! Once a theme has been decided the rest will easily fall into place.


Choosing a theme lets your guests know you’ve put a lot of care & thought into your event. Also, it just adds a little excitement. Everyone’s been to a party – but who’s really been to  wicked-cool, off the chain, tell your neighbours about it party? Probably a lot less than you think. Choose a theme and make it your own. Inform your guests well in advance of the party theme incase they would like to contribute any décor or arrive in costume.

Colour allows a party to come to life. It creates a unique, vibrant and picture worthy aesthetic where guests feel both comfortable and ready to let loose. When used correctly in a theme setting colour also provides continuity throughout the venue and can also separate area’s easily.


Our LED glow furniture and décor is a perfect and aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate colour into your party. With 16 different colours to choose from and three ways to display (flash, fade & strobe) the colour scheme can never be dull. Visit to see exactly what our LED stock looks like when its all lit up.

Images, text and signage is an integral part of an event. It's what your guests will first be drawn to when they enter the party. Do you have a guest of honour? Are you promoting a product?

Any image you could think up is a possibility with Aura Effect. Our on site printer makes it easy to select or custom design an image or text, print it on vinyl and have it applied to any of our LED glow furniture and décor stock. Your images and text will certainly be a conversation starter and your guests will rave about your creativity and attention to detail.


Another great way to personalize your party is with a hashtag. Brand your event with its own hashtag and watch as your guests post pictures all night long with that hashtag. It also makes finding pictures of your event on social media super easy by simply searching the custom hashtag.

Aura Effect is always striving to give our clients and readers the best possible tips and tricks. If you’d like some advice on throwing a party or incorporating glow furniture into your soiree let us know by messaging us or replying to the comment section in any of our blog posts.

Take care Toronto! Until next time, party on!
The Aura Effect Team

Tuesday 3 October 2017

This Top Event Venue in the GTA is Breathtaking!

One of our favourite parts of this business is connecting with like-minded event teams from all kinds of different organizations and venues. Since the beginning of Aura Effect’s journey we've had the absolute pleasure of working with the inspiring & dedicated event professionals at Lakeshore Convention Centre, located on Erin Mills Parkway, just South of QEW.

Their stunning event space boasts 23,000 sq. ft. with bountiful ceilings reaching 22ft. & dramatic floor to ceiling windows. Not to mention their state of the art audio visual equipment and 20 ft. television for conferences & meetings, wedding entertainment or social gatherings. Movie night anyone?

Their event staff is some of the best we’ve ever worked with and Lakeshore CC consistently goes above and beyond to ensure every guest that walks through their doors has an unforgettable experience while executing their events seamlessly and without fault.

Lakeshore CC is extremely proud of their culinary program and menu with good reason. LCC were one of the first venues in Mississauga to implement a farm to table program. This program consists of purchasing the freshest and locally grown organic ingredients and having them freshly prepared everyday. If you’re looking for an exquisitely prepared, locally sourced and authentic cuisine experience we highly recommend the farm to table feast that Lakeshore CC has become experts at.

Aura Effect recently provided a LED late night candy and fresh juice bar display for a wedding at the stunning facility and it was a showstopper to say the least! Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

If you’re having an event and want to add some glow, call us! Well work with you to create a one of a kind setup and display to make sure YOUR event can leave a lasting impression. Our LED stock is large and unique, weatherproof, Bluetooth speaker equipped and controlled by a pocket size remote. To see pictures of our inventory visit

Get your glow on!
The Aura Effect Team