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Friday 27 May 2016


Aura Effect was truly humbled and honoured to be involved in the MS Society of Canada’s 5K walk event last weekend on May 15th in Mississauga Valley Park. We were pleased to provide glowing and illuminated VIP lounges for the 5K walkers while Starbucks and Denny’s provided coffee and pancake breakfasts’ for the hardworking participants. In the end, the MS Society’s Mississauga chapter raised a staggering $127,663.50, far surpassing their goal of $113,000.

Helping our customers in the GTA create their perfect glowing party experience is our specialty but lending our services to vital Canadian causes like the MS Society is our duty.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, optic nerves and brain.  Myelin, the protective covering of the nerves, is targeted by the disease causing people with MS to experience nerve, balance and mobility disruptions with hearing, vision and memory loss ranging from mild to severe.

MS is three times more likely to be found in Canadian women than men with symptoms occurring anywhere from ages 15-40 years old. Currently, there are an estimated 100,000
Canadians living with the disease, the highest rate in the world.
This figure is unacceptable and it’s what keeps the MS Society of Canada striving every day to fundraise for a cure.

Aura Effect is always ready and willing to help Canadian causes so if you are involved in a charitable or nonprofit company working to help Canadians in any way please contact us and let us know how we might be able to help. To keep this big party that we call life going, we need to keep our fellow Canadians healthy. Please donate to the MS society today to help fund and find a cure for Canadians living with MS.

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Great turnout this year! We here at Aura Effect illuminated furniture are looking forward to participating in next year’s 5K walk and hopefully surpassing this year’s tremendous donations!
Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist

Monday 16 May 2016


The GTA has been partying hard thanks to Aura Effect, a party and event rental company that’s
Nashville North Country Bar
earning its glowing reputation one epic bash at a time.

Aura Effect is the first illuminated glow furniture rental business in Canada.  Since 2013 they’ve provided parties and events across the GTA with their waterproof LED glowing party furniture and event displays, creating an envied and euphoric setting. With 16 different colour choices that will glow, strobe and flash to your desire, your parties & events automatically jump to next level amazing.

Ensuring your event is nothing short of amazing is their job.
Members of the Aura Effect team have partied all over the world, tirelessly studying what it takes to create an epic bash and now they’re offering up their knowledge. Aura Effect works with their clients from first initial contact to customize their LED glow furniture and rental displays to perfection. Aura Effect supplies their product, offers customization and provides delivery, set up and tear down allowing the client to party hard with no worries.


Blue Jays Care Foundation - Curve Ball Gala 2016
  Illuminated Glow Ball Centrepieces

The MLSE and Jays Care Foundation recently held ‘The Curve Ball Gala’, an epic fundraiser for youth recreational facilities which featured tours of the clubhouse, meet and greets with the team and coaching staff plus a world class dinner on the turf itself.
Aura Effect provided over 150 customized LED glow balls which lit up the field sporting iconic past and present Blue Jays jersey numbers.

Do you want a glowing candy bar that comes fully stocked at your wedding or birthday?
Do you want a 360 degree glowing bar with your business logo at your staff party?
Do you want large glowing armchairs for seating at your backyard party?
Anything your imagination conjures is possible! Aura Effect is dedicated to making your glowing party dreams a reality.

Glow Candy Bar

Aura Effect and their products have been commanding attention at high profile events such as; The Jays Care Foundation ‘Curve Ball Gala’ and ‘CelebrateToronto' at the Steam Whistle breweries. This is one company to keep on your radar as they continuously provide an increasing number of GTA venues and events with their stellar quality LED furniture and display designs while always striving to create new, fresh and innovative function concepts.
Check out their website for a full run down of their products and start your glow party planning today! –

Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist