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Tuesday 30 July 2019

Recreating Wedding Magic: The 10 Year Anniversary Party

Your wedding day was so magical. Full of light and laughter, family and friends and the gifts were pretty nice too.

Fast forward a decade and although the honeymoon period may have stopped long ago - you still remember why you fell in love, despite the fact his dirty clothes permanently reside beside the laundry hamper instead of inside of it.

Now it's your ten year anniversary and while you still love your husband you have a feeling he probably hasn't put much thought into a celebration. Surprise, surprise.

Lucky for him he has a romantic, thoughtful and caring bride (that's you) who will take it upon herself to throw an epic anniversary party to remind him just how luck he really is.

But how will you manage the planning in addition to your extremely busy life? We're glad you asked.

Aura's Guide to a TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration 

1. Guest List 
Inviting the original wedding party and guests is always a great idea as well as new friends and family that have entered your life post nuptials.

2. Good Eats & Cold Drinks
The GTA has an incredible selection of food and beverage vendors to choose from, most of whom we've had the pleasure of working with in the past. Ask our head event planner Robyn for recommendations and she would be happy to provide you access to our list of preffered vendors.

You can also checkout our Instagram feed to see who we've collaborated with on past events!

3. Atmosphere & Decor
Our 3,500 sq. ft. warehouse is packed with every type of illuminated furniture and decor imaginable. LED illuminated party bars, cocktail tables, illuminated couches, seating, bottle displays and custom decor to outfit your anniversay party celebration.

Take a walk through Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm to browse and collect anniversary party inspiration. We're convienantly located at 689 Warden Ave, Unit #14 just south of TTC's Warden Station.

Our stock is so functional that you could create an entire party outside with items found in our warehouse!

The best part - we deliver, set up and tear down your celebration. It's a no hassle, all fun celebration to kick start the second decade of your union.

Ask us about customization with images, text and design possibilities to make your celebration truly one of a kind.

Call 647.780.2917 and speak to Robyn directly or check out for inspiration!