Aura Effect

Friday 10 June 2016


The 6 is heating up this summer and Aura Effect is helping you throw the most enviable party your family, friends and squad have ever seen.

Aura Effect has worked tirelessly to compile unique and timeless illuminated event pieces to offer their GTA consumers. Are you hosting a birthday jam, anniversary party or just a regular summer keg rager?  If so you’re in luck because we’re offering up 5 party ideas that will leave your guests amazed and keep your glow event raging until the sun rises.

Glow Seating
Your guests will flip over Aura Effects waterproof, illuminated glow seating. Ranging from glow cubes to bar stools and curved benches, Aura Effect offers nine illuminated seating options with 16 interchangeable colours, most of which can be topped off with comfortable leather cushions for maximum comfort. Customize the seating with personalized messages or logos for the ultimate wow factor and watch your guests’ jaws drop.

Ice is a staple at any event, especially in the summer. It keeps the drinks chilled and your guests cool but you’ve never seen ice holders like these. Three options include a long, rectangular ice and drink holder, smaller champagne bottle holders or a glow cube that you can fill with ice and 30 standard bottles, maybe even a mini keg. Again, customization is possible and will absolutely floor your guests with your attention to detail.
PARTY TIP: Days before your party, mix water and food colouring of your choice, pour in ice cube trays and voila! You now have coloured ice to sit in your glowing ice buckets!

The center of any good party is almost always the bar. Aura effect has three LED glow bar options that will blow your guests away. Serving up drinks has never been better with their glow bars that will be the focal point of your party. Change the colour periodically through the night to keep it interesting.
PARTY TIP: Let Aura Effect display the bar menu in decals on the front of the bar for your guests.


The possibilities are endless with these pieces. The glow pillars stand at 6 feet tall easily making them a centerpiece at any party while the glow balls can be hung on tents, placed on tables or placed throughout a lawn or outdoor space. These pieces will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your jam and keep your guests raving for weeks on end about your glow party.
PARTY TIP: Paint balloons with neon or glow paint and fill with water for a late night glow in the dark, water balloon fight between the pillars.

Red Carpet Entrance Lined With Illuminated Pillars

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned game of flip cup? Your guests will be lit after competing for the flip cup champion title on Aura Effect illuminated tables. Products range from glowing dining room tables that fit ten, to smaller cruisers and lower to the ground surfaces, similar to coffee tables.
PARTY TIP: Paint those infamous red plastic cups with neon paint so they can glow like your furniture for your epic flip cup battle.

Stay tuned for more hot summer 6teen party tips and ideas from Aura Effect. Contact us today for help with your epic summer bashes! Party on Toronto because summer has arrived!

Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist