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Thursday 29 October 2015

5 Event Planning - Tips, Tricks and Party Ideas

Planning and preparing for a large event is no easy task.  To get an idea of the enormity, let's imagine being in charge of the office Christmas party or an entire graduating class of students. 

Now the first is more of a corporate event while the latter might closely resemble a boisterous celebration. Both of them, including all that fall between have one thing in common! They all take a heck of a lot of work and preparation.

Now, who really wants to plan..... and who really wants to party!!!! I'm sure we have all answered accordingly, so here are 5 tips to get us past the prep and into fun zone.

1. Where will it happen?  That's a very important questing.  Consider your budget, keep it central and look for near by amenities.  One thing that can contribute to a successful event is the location of the venue. Whether it's a one day/night rental or at a friend's place, try to minimize your guests travel time.

2. Look at catering.  Although the word seems expensive it can actually be done on a budget.  Many small restaurants now offer discounts for larger orders. It doesn't hurt to phone and inquire about how they can add to your event. Don't forget to tell them about how many potential customers will be present.

3. Furniture rental and party supply companies can offer tables, chairs and accent pieces for guests to use. Just make sure to do your research, some offer delivery while others do not. Something else to ask, do they set it up? I mean let's be honest, unless you have a crew helping you already, a rental company that can deliver and set up will come in quite handy!

Now the first 3 steps are all about getting things ready and devising a plan before the festivities even begin. The last 2 steps more closely relate to the flow and timing while your guests are starting to fill in and the party starts ramping up.

4. Proper flow and timing.  A very important thing to focus on, as I'm sure we have all been to that event where the speeches go on forever and restless guests comment to one another about the length. The funny thing is, I don't think there is a person around who hasn't experienced that exact situation at some point in their life.  Yet it continues to happen.  Why? Great question, speechs, toasts and media presentations need to be planned timed and scheduled. On top of that everyone needs to stick to the plan or be prepared for the Oscar music mid sentence!  For your guests, try breaking up the presenters to take centre stage throughout the duration of the event or have an interlude after a long montage. This gives guests a chance to stretch and socialize while minimizing discontent.

5. Duration!  Many don't put enough emphasis on this element.  The length of an event can directly impact the overall perceptions of your guests. The reason for its imortance is because it tends to be a grey area that can differ from one party to the next. What you want to look for is called the bliss point. It refers to that exact time where guests have to get heading home yet they feel like staying for a few more hours.  This leaves them with positive thoughts about the day or evening and good things to say to others. Like the old saying goes always leave them wanting more.

In the coming weeks will be posting more of our tips and tricks on planning the prefect event and also some of the crazy parties we attend, stay tuned!

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Upcoming Winter Events in Toronto

Winter is upon us in the city of Toronto with only 8 weeks until Christmas!  The party season  is already in full swing. With so many great things happening  in our fair city it's hard not to get excited.
Some of the top rated and unique events include the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Cavalcade if Lights and who can forget the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District.

Being so closely linked to the winter party season, we at Aura Effect know your weekends are filling up fast. Stay tuned to our blog for all the dates, times and details to make your Christmas season unforgettable.

Monday 26 October 2015

The Makings of The Aura Effect Illuminated Event Rental Team in Toronto

Well, I guess an introduction is in order!
Meet Aura Effect, the pleasure is truly all ours!

Now I know what you’re thinking, aura who? and effect what?  Great question, let me tell you who, what, where and when.  I should start by letting it be known we are all about parties, events and celebrations, so much so that we made it our jobs! 

I remember the day, settling in at the office, I looked across the desk at Pete and said, “you know what would be nice, if we could just have fun for a living!”

Now Pete needs no introduction, if you have been to a party between 1990 and 2015 on any one of our 7 continents you have definitely met the man, and for the most part, it was really good.  He remembers you that’s for sure! 

Anyway he says to me, “Well I’m not going to stop partying now.” At this point he immediately stands up with his arm raised in the air.  Looking at me he makes a sound one could only think to be the sound of a question mark and nods up towards his outstretched hand.  Jumping to my feet I understood the enormity of the situation through what I can only describe as my 6th sense.  The completion of that high five caused slight electrical interference within our office that day. It also solidified the start of a new and growing team.... The Aura Effect Illuminated Event Rental Group located in Toronto, Ontario.