Aura Effect

Monday 29 May 2017


Show your Canadian pride, shout it loud and proud from all the scenic cliffs, the lighthouses and the C.N Tower! Or have the most talked about Canada Day party to come for the next decade and beyond. Considering the monumentuos birthday Canada is having this year the pressure’s on pretty heavy to give the young girl a party that’s worth her wonderfulness.

Canada Day glow party idea’s below courtesy of your friends at Aura Effect.

Canadian imagery is recognizable around the world and often unmistakable. Create a Canadians heaven of beavers, moose, maple leafs, igloo’s, the one cent penny, the epic outlines of our great cities and provinces, and of course everything to do with hockey.
Simple or detailed images are both possible on all surfaces of our LED furniture and décor and a detailed and unique way to enforce your events theme. Plus the photo ops for social media are pretty wicked.

Although our LED furniture and décor does come equipped with 16 different colour options for Canada Day you may only need two. Choose your desired colour and setting including strobe, flash and fade with a pocket sized remote. Batteries last for 12 hours and are easily rechargeable for multiple day events.
The LED lights will keep your guests’ energy high and allow the party to flow seamlessly from dawn till dusk without having to worry about candles, lamps or extension cords for extra light.

Play traditional games from your Canadian childhood such as tag, water balloon fights or relay races but this time do  it with some glow! Our glowing accent pillars, balls and orbs are the perfect addition to any backyard or open space and can easily be incorporated into the days festivities.

However you're spending Canada's 150th, please do so resposnsibly. Arrange for a designated driver, taxi or Uber home from your events. Happy Birthday Canada! 

Friday 26 May 2017


You may be wondering what a party would look like with a little bit of glow? Or perhaps you may have experienced an event with LED glow furniture and décor so you KNOW how amazing it can actually be.

Either way Aura Effect is spreading the word today on how easy and aesthetically pleasing it is to incorporate a little or a lot of LED glow into your upcoming event.

It’s a one stop shop with Aura effect as we supply; benches, couches, chairs, lounge area’s, tall cruiser tables for cocktail hour,  360 degrees or a stunning 12 ft. curved bar, plus a huge selection of décor including glow pillars, balls, orbs and a self serve glowing candy bar.

Picture your guests relaxing on a spacious  and elegantly glowing curved bench alongside  a lower table accompanied with a built in drink chiller and ice bucket – also glowing! The LED lights that emit from the furniture and décor keep the energy and good vibes of your event flowing, allowing guests to mingle and socialize carefree.

Our designed-by-you, one of a kind vinyl appliques can be expertly applied to any of our LED furniture supply. This includes everything from drink menus on the front of the glowing bar to labeled ice buckets chilling an assortment of different beverages. Any image, brand or design you can imagine , we can create!

Place glow décor near your DJ stand, dance floor or stage. This allows for the entertainment to be the focal point of the room and automatically draws guests eyes and attention that way.  Place smaller pieces of LED glow décor throughout the room to create continuity and to keep the guests moving and their energy high.

If you’re throwing a fundraiser, race or community event, use any of our event tents with glowing tables and service stands to direct the public your way for registration or information services.

The  many uses and creative ways LED glow furniture and décor can take your party or event to the next level is endless. Visit our website for images of our full inventory and consult with us today about  personalized vinyl decals!

Party on Toronto!

Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Parent Planner: Graduation and Prom Parties 👩‍🎓

Proms and graduations are a pivotal time in any persons life, often celebrated in large gatherings with plenty of friends, family, food & drink. In recent years the popularity and extravagance level of proms, prom proposals and graduation parties have reached an all time high thanks to social media platforms which allow this generation to constantly out do each other for the world to see.

For those pinned with the task of planning said fabulous party it tends to get a bit hectic. Lucky for you, Aura Effect happens to be experts in the area of extravagant parties, it’s kind of our specialty.

Check out our suggestions for the most talked about Prom & Grad parties this season.

Low benches, lounge couches, service bar, 360 degree bar – we literally have it all. Not to mention LED illuminated ice buckets, balls and orbs, glow pillars for your grand entrance and an LED candy buffet to hit up before the Uber ride home.

Properly distinguish any guests of honour or VIP’s with specialized seating area’s. Sectioning off a VIP only area with different or extended, spacious seating is easy with our classic red velvet rope. Often times the tiniest personalized gestures can go the longest way to leave lasting memories with your guests.

Deck out your venue with glowing furniture and décor emblazoned with your school name, graduating class year, school mascots image or even your own face! The sky is the limit when it comes to customized vinyl decals and images. Anything you desire can be designed, printed and expertly applied to any of our LED rental items.

Just think of the photo ops! Get creative and consult with us today.

All of our LED furniture and décor is waterproof with a 12 hour battery life. Switch between the 16 various colour options easily with our pocket sized remote or set the lighting to strobe, flash or fade. Stun your guests with the impressive and creative lighting and décor.

Visit our website today for more information on our LED furniture and décor rental supply.  Party on Toronto!

Friday 19 May 2017


This weekend marks the ultimate start to summer, especially here in Canada where citizens all across this great green land will be hosting and attending MAY 24 parties all weekend long.

#May24 is recognized as an important and celebratory long weekend here in Canada as we honour the birth of Queen Victoria.

Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or a cottage rager, Aura Effect has all of your May 24 bases covered. Keep your soiree going all weekend long with our LED glow furniture and décor which can be easily customized to fit your theme or colour scheme. Customized vinyl decals add special and unique touches while our LED glow furniture comes fully charged with a glow life of 16 hours. It’s also waterproof to ensure May showers don’t kill your vibe.

Incase your party plans don’t include backyard bashes or glow parties here’s a list Aura Effect has compiled for you of May 24 events happening in and around the city.

Ashbridge’s Bay 945/10 pm on Monday – the ever popular beach fireworks display is a fan favourite and never disappoints.
Wonderland 10pm on Sunday – weather permitting

Distillery Arts Festival – Peruse artisan and eclectic works of local artists while basking in the rich history of the distillery district all weekend long.

Rib & Craft Beer – Dundas Square
Red meat & Craft Beer, no chance to not have fun.

Aura Effect’s gearing up for a long, hot summer in the six so keep us in mind for ALL of your party and event plans this summer. Our dedicated event professionals are amped and ready to help plan, create and execute your bashes this summer, no matter how big or small, we’ll party with them all!

Party hard and safe this weekend Toronto! We’ll be seeing you soon.

Tuesday 2 May 2017


Aura Effects team has attended trade shows and helped clients create eye catching, head turning displays all over North America. The amount of preparation that goes into participating at a trade show is enormous and if successful can offer companies un paralleled exposure and a successful entry way into their chosen industry through networking and tradeshow connections.
Through our extensive background in tradeshow displays we’ve come to realize the key to a successful show is all about engaging your prospective clients and creating a fun and interactive display that they just can’t look away from.
Aura Effect has every display piece you’ll need for a tradeshow. All of our furniture and décor comes equipped with a remote capable of a 10-12 hour battery life and 16 colour options with 3 ways to display.

In order to properly display your product or service you will need varying degrees and forms of signage. The most important goal of a tradeshow is to have prospective clients or buyers leave the building remembering  your companies name. In order for that to happen you have to have it displayed in such a way that it will be nearly impossible for viewers to forget.  Aura Effect partners with a remarkable company, Diverse Display that will customize all signage including banners, back drops, card board cut outs, etc. They also provide custom decals in the form of script, image or both to be applied to any of our LED glow furniture and decor pieces. This is an outstanding way to display at a trade show and is sure to get you maximum exposure.

Selling and engaging clients can be mentally draining, especially after a three day tradeshow with hundreds of thousands of clients. This is why Aura Effect will take care of the dirty work for you. When you choose Aura effect to help create your one of a kind tradeshow display, we’ll also take care of the delivery, set up and  removal of the entire display. We guarantee your display will be set up on time, delivered clean, fully charged and will be promptly removed when the event ends. If your display includes customs vinyl decals Aura Effect will expertly apply them for a professional and polished look for your booth or display.
Some floor or table coverings such as carpets and table cloths are available upon request. Aura Effect also offers rental 10x10 ft. event tents for any displays or shows that may be outside.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to gain notoriety and traction in the trade show world, you need a display that will WOW clients. Rest assured that Aura Effect has had plenty of experience in creating unique, interactive and memorable displays for many trade show goers. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximize your business potential through trade show displays and visit to view past displays we’ve  helped create for a long list of satisfied clients.