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Wednesday 31 January 2018


The premise of a wedding almost never changes. Two people that love each other and commit to spending the rest of their days together watching Netflix and chilling . However, the art of a wedding is constantly changing. Every year we hear what's in and what's out in order for couples to stay on or ahead of the trends.
Today we're dishing on four wedding elements that will most likely see big shifts in 2018.

It’s true what they say, first impressions last the longest. 2018 will see couples opting for extravagant hand painted, beaded or even embroidered wedding invitations. Clearly this option is not cost effective when outsourced so you may want to break out the art box.

Florals are still such a large part of wedding décor at the moment and right now it’s all about the floating florals. Hanging upside down in planter baskets, beautifully wrapped & displayed around rings, wreaths or custom made installations. Of course there are some small challenges such as building structure and room temperature to keep the florals fresh. Consult with your venue to see if their space will accommodate hanging florals.

2018 will see couples steer away from sit down dinners and opt for more passed appetizers, food stations and even food trucks. Dwindling are the days of the sit down, four course wedding meal. Your guests want to dance, interact, drink and laugh, not be confined to a table waiting for the next course to arrive.
You can also opt for a more creative dessert rather than the tired wedding cake. Try a donut wall, ice cream station or cotton candy/ gourmet popcorn station.

They'll definitely command attention and give you that WOW factor you're looking for. Big, small, short or tall; LED glowing centrepieces could be the perfect way to showcase your delectably decorated tables. Choose from 16 different colour display options, add florals or custom vinyls with table numbers, guests' names or images.

The glow doesn't stop there. We have LED bars, cruiser tables for cocktail hour and even jumbo glow planters for some potted plants and greenery to line your entrance.

Custom design your first day as a married couple together and with our help! Call Robyn at 647.780.2917 today for your free creative consultation!

Happy Planning, Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team.

Special Events Journalist
Danielle Wilfong

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Friday 26 January 2018

Upcoming Events To Get A Jump On.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your upcoming events. Because of the sporadic bone chilling cold lately, hosting may be the furthest thing from your mind but take it from us, events have a way of sneaking up on you.
Today Aura Effect is dishing some unique ideas for upcoming events and milestones that you may be involved in.

Whether you love it or loathe it Valentines is big business. Gather your pro or anti Valentines day crowd for a night to remember. Dinner, drinks and dancing all under the romantic illumination of our LED glow furniture and décor. If you’re more anti than pro we're thinking some anti Cupid and “love stinks” vinyls to complete your vision.

Help your on-the-edge of adulthood children and their friends celebrate in style by renting some LED glow furniture and décor for their pre and post prom party. If you’re the type of parents who will most likely be hosting a throng of kids after the dance is over do it in glow party style. Illuminate your backyard with glow balls, glowing couches and chairs and perhaps a glowing table full of teenager fuel (burgers, nachos and poutine).

Customize the glow décor with PROM 2020, your almost graduates initials, nickname or any other embarrassing moniker you can think of. Maybe some baby pictures? The possibilities are endless and the photos will be priceless for years to come.

Check out this LED setup by Rockpaper Events. Stunning display of our LED tables. 

A pivotal point in any young persons life and essentially the beginning of their adulthood. Send them into adult abyss with a glow party to remember. Since grad ceremonies predominantly take place in the spring and early summer our LED stock is ideal for a backyard celebration due to its weatherproof exterior. Did I mention all of our LED furniture and décor is equipped with Bluetooth for your party playlists? Perfect for entertaining angsty teens.

We can light up any event! A picture of our LED lounge couch and LED ice bucket table at a recent birthday party. Done again by the lovely and talented Rockpaper Events team. 

We can never stress enough the importance of making your event your own through creative and unique décor. Set yourself apart from everyone else with our help! Our event planner Robyn is an event master and relishes in any opportunity to help create one of a kind celebrations with our LED illuminated furniture and décor.

Don’t sleep on your party planning. Set it in stone today and let the excitement commence! Until next week, Toronto, take care and party on!

The Aura Effect Team.

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Friday 19 January 2018


If you’ve ever been involved in planning an event you may know how stressful the process can be. With the lengthy list of things to do and people to entertain it can easily become overwhelming. That’s why we're sharing our #1 décor secret today!

Of course we specialize in all things that glow, LED bars, tables, balls, orbs, décor and more but it’s the littlest details that matter most. We’re talking about custom vinyl’s for your event; text, imagery and more!

Wow your guests with inventive and creative vinyl’s on any of our LED glow furniture and décor. Our vinyl’s can be created to match any theme, colour scheme or wild idea you may have. Our business is knowing how to help party planners elevate their events to the highest possible level and you better believe we're serious about our business!

Take a look below at some of the vinyl’s we’ve done recently for some great events in Toronto.

Aura Effect was honoured to supply these LED glowing cruiser tables, cubes, and service bar that was used as a DJ booth for Stacey's Sweet 16th Birthday. 
Photo Credit: Kelvin Young Photography
Event Planner: Blissful Memories & Events 

Our LED glow balls custom fitted with feline vinyls. 
Cat Themed Batmitzvah
Location: Avenue Banquet Hall, Concord
Event Planning : Rockpaper Events.
Photo Credit: Heather Kobyliwker

Like what you see? There's plenty more where that came from. Make 2018 the year you celebrate whatever it is you want to and do it in unique style, make your event design dreams come true by partnering with Aura Effect  to custom create your design vinyl's. 

Take care, Toronto!

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Wednesday 10 January 2018


Hey Toronto!

Are you loving this little deep freeze break as much as we are? It may only last a few days but we’re all about it! As most of Toronto headed back to school and work on Monday it signifies the end of this holiday season and oh what a season it was! We’re guessing more than a few of you are either experiencing celebration comas or serious withdrawals.

The Aura Effect team had a wonderful holiday season helping our clients throw their perfectly glowing holiday parties and we’re already gearing up for February as GTA residents prepare to throw their Valentine’s or anti-Valentine’s day parties, and yes, anti-Valentine’s day parties exist.

Today Aura Effect has a MAJOR announcement for our valued and prospective clients. In the coming days we will be rolling out our new additional services plan to better serve our clients and their stellar events.

Our additional service plan will include the use of;

Smart Serve Certified Servers
Smart Serve Certified Bartenders 
Welcome Hosts 
Coat Check Staff
Smart Serve Certified & Licensed Security Team

Our service staff is a team of highly skilled, friendly and knowledgeable service professionals with over a decade worth of experience in the industry.

Aura Effect is well aware of the lengthy process entailed in throwing a successful event and our service package is geared specifically towards making your party planning a little easier.

We are now officially Toronto's one stop shop for all of your LED glow furniture and décor event necessities, event service and security staff. The Aura Effect team is positively thrilled to roll out our new service package as we continue to serve the great residents of the GTA the best way we know how, with lots of LED glow, enthusiasm and the utmost professionalism.

Call us today to reserve your service team for your next event!

Glow on, Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team.

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Friday 5 January 2018


Happy New Year all!

We’re hoping everyone had a safe and joyous time ringing in 2018! We’ve got high hopes for this year as I’m sure all of you do. We’re not really a fan of New Years resolutions over here as we like to work on bettering ourselves all year round. However, we have set a goal for this year and that is to continue to elevate our glow game with every glow party and event rental we have!

Our creative design team has been brainstorming non-stop on new and inventive ways to turn our glow furniture and décor stock into the most sought after illuminated décor to help you throw the best events possible.

Last week we were fortunate enough to provide a stellar glow seating area for the Town of Newmarket for their New Years event, Tim Hortons First Night Newmarket. Due to the cold Canadian weather their celebrations were moved inside but a wonderful time was had by all.

Just a friendly reminder that our stock is great for any and all parties, big or small. Lately we’ve had a lot of rentals for house parties. Our furniture and décor is great for indoor and outdoor spaces, is weatherproof, Bluetooth speaker equipped and has a 12 hour battery life. Your glow furniture rental pieces will have your guests partying well into the night.

Stay tuned for new LED creative designs and glow décor on our feeds and please let us know what you’d like to see. Sound off in our comment section and let us know what kind of glow you want to see this year!
Custom vinyl designs, both text and images are going to be huge this year! It's all about personalization so talk to us today and ask us how we can help you create your one of a kind glow event!

Stay warm, Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team

Special Events Blogger 
Danielle Wilfong

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