Aura Effect

Thursday 8 June 2017


When Aura Effect was born our mission was simple; offer unique and high quality, waterproof LED glow furniture and décor to the GTA and beyond for parties and events. Our existing LED glow furniture and décor rental inventory has been very well received and it is our pleasure to aid our clients in bringing their events to life. But as sure as the world turns, everything must evolve and grow and that is exactly where Aura Effect stands now.

Aura Effect is beyond pleased to announce the latest edition to our main office, a creative design warehouse that will focus solely on building and creating inventive custom pieces and modifying existing glow furniture for our clients. With the addition of our new welding machine and pipe threader, it’s now easier than ever to create one of a kind, custom design pieces for your event, home, office or business.

Aura Effect strongly believes there is no limit to creativity and that’s exactly how we run our business every single day. We are now able to take any piece of LED glow furniture and décor and custom fit it any way you’d like it. Picture a bar made entirely of cubes that’s been welded on to industrial piping or a chandelier made of hanging glow balls. How about glow bars and tables with ball bearings to easily move the furniture around the event space without any heavy lifting or a sleek and simple custom made dining or bedside table reminiscent of the industrial era? Lamps, coffee tables, advertisement stands,  anything and everything you could imagine is now possible at our creative design warehouse.

We’ve already begun creating original display stands and tables and we are now accepting requests for any and all custom pieces. If you have an idea in mind and would like to discuss how to bring your vision to life contact us so a design specialist can work with you to create your one of a kind design piece.

Life is short and uncontrollable at times but with Aura Effect it’s easy to be in charge. Turn up your creativity and work with us to create high quality custom pieces to fit your life.

Party on, Toronto!

Danielle Wilting, Special Events Journalist

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