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Thursday 22 June 2017

The Grandest Opening: The Guild Inn Estate

Aura Effect relishes in connecting with likeminded companies and creative individuals which is why we were so pleased to have been invited by DT Floral & Decor to the grand opening of the new “Guild Inn Estate”, an architectural masterpiece located near the Scarborough Bluffs next to the Guildwood Village.

The Guild Inn Estate is steep with creative art history and was actually used as housing for artists who wished to participate and encourage the Canadian arts and crafts movement during the height of the depression in the 1930’s. The city of Toronto acquired the land with the intention to preserve it in 1978 and eventually partnered with the Dynamic Hospitality & Entertainment Group to renovate the site. It will now be used as a restaurant, community and event space – one of the most beautifully and aesthetically pleasing venues we’ve ever seen.

On Wednesday June 14th over 2000 attendees, including Mayor Tory flocked to see the unveiling of the grand new Guild Inn Estate where they wined, dined and danced the night away surrounded by LED glow orbs and pillars provided by yours truly, Aura Effect and the most gorgeous floral arrangements and installations by DT Floral and decor. Below are some photo’s of the event and the LED glow d├ęcor we provided.


This is most definitely going to be a top wedding and event venue in Toronto and will no doubt be booked for years to come. Check out their complete website at to see how your future events could look at the Guild Inn Estate.

Party on Toronto!

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