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Friday 2 September 2016


That feeling when you know you’re forgetting something but you’re not quite sure what, it can be
stressful, especially when it pertains to your party, event or celebration.  A whole lot of work goes into planning the perfect event and let’s face it; no one on this earth is perfect. Today, Aura Effect has compiled a list of commonly forgotten and overlooked party components to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Sure, you have a playlist in mind but don’t forget to check your event space for outlets, extra power cords and speakers to ensure the music can flow freely.

Not all guests are alike and their food preferences are no different. In today’s health conscience world you are bound to run into certain allergens and dietary restrictions. Be prepared to have a wide selection of food, appetizers and drinks to ensure everyone can share in the deliciousness.

This is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure you have every detail accounted for. Print multiple copies and delegate certain tasks and responsibilities to your responsible co-party planners.

Unless you’re having a sit down dinner it’s not necessary to have a chair for every single guest at your event. Most guests prefer to walk around and mingle. Aura Effect suggests having half or two thirds the seating in ratio to your guest count available to guests. Check out Aura Effect’s website for pricing on our wide selection of LED glow furniture seating.

Lighten your load and make sure you have capable wait and service staff for your function. Make sure they are clear on your preferred service instructions and relax; you’ve planned a great party so you should enjoy it too!
If you need help finding service staff for your event an Aura Effect representative will happily put you in contact with talented bartenders and wait staff.

Guests are more likely to enjoy alcoholic beverages and let loose when they know they have a designated sober way home. This can include pre ordering taxis, uber’s or renting a school bus to drop people at home after the party concludes. You can also post local bus route times and phone numbers for taxi companies in the washrooms and near the exit.

Aura Effect is serious about being your number one choice for glowing and LED furniture rentals and purchases which is why our company will go above and beyond to put you in contact with any other vendors and services you need to bring your event to the next level. We are a one stop shop for all your party planning needs. We look forward to helping plan your next event in the near future.

Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist 

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