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Tuesday 27 September 2016


The last days of summer are upon us and as sad as it is to see another summer in the big smoke pass, holiday enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing. Christmas 2016 is sure to be a cold one, according to the farmer’s almanac but today Aura Effect is offering holiday party tips to ensure your Christmas party is the hottest one of the season.

Christmas parties evoke thoughts of mistletoe and red, white and green décor, fake snow on the windows and a Christmas tree in the corner. However, there are no rules when throwing your holiday bash. This year how about trying a tropical Christmas party? Put a palm tree with Christmas lights in the corner, turn up the heat and have everyone come dressed in beach wear and Santa hats. The possibilities are endless when you put a little creativity into your event.
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An open bar is the usual standard at Christmas parties, especially at corporate holiday events. This year I’m encouraging you to step it up. Have your guests enjoy custom cocktails to go with your chosen theme. Instead of heavy, sit down dinners have your guests enjoy plenty of passed apps like mini poutines, meat and veggie skewers, mini sausage wraps in the shape of Christmas wreaths and deviled eggs snowmen. You can also check out the cost of renting some food trucks. Outsourcing the food will lessen your load as the party planner plus your guests will be impressed at the eclectic variety that food trucks often offer.
For the most inventive and fun holiday recipes check out


Holiday parties are meant to encourage people to get loose and celebrate the end of another year. Make sure your event space and décor reflects the theme and mood you strive for. Possible event spaces can include glamorous bowling alleys, trampoline venues (there are more than you think), private spaces in your favourite restaurant or even art galleries. Wherever you choose to throw your holiday soiree, Aura Effect is ready to outfit the venue with any and all of our stellar LED glowing furniture and décor. The glowing benches, 360 degree bars and elegant glow balls and orbs will ensure your guests have a memorable time and will keep the party going as long as you let it.

Check in with us every week as we move further into the end of the calendar year for more holiday tips and tricks. We’ve only just begun to get this party started Toronto!
Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist 

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