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Friday 4 March 2016

Glow Party in Toronto, ON

So we had a challenge going on at our office over this past month. Today is the day we crowned a winner!  Now you might remember this contest was centered around Youtube's slideshow builder and it became quite the talked about event.

This morning everyone sat down together for the premier of The Slide Show Down.  All entries were played in a random order and no one was allowed to take credit for their works until voting polls had closed.

Now needless to say, all of these works of art were outstanding and creative.  There is one however that stole the show and won by a land slide.  We had to go to the rule books on this one, as the question did come up, was this made with the slideshow builder?  With that in mind, the vote stilled swayed towards this insightful and amazing portrayal of a glowing birthday experience.  We are happy to announce the winner Micheal-John who also happens to be the Digital Media Manager around here at Aura Effect.

So with out further ado check it out here.......

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