Aura Effect

Wednesday 8 January 2020


Today we're making 5 predictions for event professionals and the industry in 2020.


Event planners around the globe have been increasingly vocal about the sustainability standards in the event industry. Pollution and global warming are undeniable and a large majority of clients are now hiring planners that consider sustainability and what impact their events will actually have on the environment.

Changes you'll see in 2020 regarding sustainability will be more than just banning single use plastics. Attendee's will also see more plant based catering, an increase in recyclable material in regards to decor and much less paper based branding.

Functional decor will also be on the upswing. Our LED functional furniture and decor offers ambiance, seating, recyclable branding opportunities and endless other creative possibilities for dual functionality.

Renewable Energy

There's no time to waste when it comes to saving our planet. Companies, planners and public figures that step up and distinguish themselves as leaders in the fight for change will flourish.
Investing in renewable energy and utilizing it during events will most definitely gain traction, as it should.

Our company, Aura Illuminated Events has already begun the preliminary steps towards facilitating solar powered, off grid events and lighting through our functional LED decor and furniture.

More Value & Greater Focus

Apps to navigate events and tradeshows will continue to be used but as technology advances so will the information each attendee receives. Curating specific content for attendees based on their place within the industry, contacts and current profiles will be on the upswing. This allows the guest to receive maximum content and information electronically - saving both time and valuable paper resources.

Live Polling Interaction

Engagement and participation is crucial to the success of events, especially when it comes to brand promotion.
In 2020 event and tradeshow attendees will see a rise in live polling interaction. This will be done predominantly through a downloadable app allowing the host to receive immediate feedback from guests. Polling engages the attendee and inspires a sense of empowerment of having their opinion known.

Refreshing Locations

While traditional venues like hotels and convention centres may have all the necessary infrastructure to run your event you have to wonder when and if your market will grow tired of the same old show.
Off grid events and locations that facilitate a low carbon footprint will increase and inventive venue locations offering elevated experiences will become favoured.
However, planners will have to consider the impacts that attendees travel will have on the overall footprint of the event.
We're predicting the industry will see an integration of fully virtual events accessible to attendee's worldwide within 3 to 5 years.

Our team thrives off of a creative challenge. If you're at all willing to step outside of the box in the new year you should contact us to discuss possibilities. 

Agree? Disagree? Let's continue the conversation below in the comment section. You can also find a full list of our content here!


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