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Tuesday 28 March 2017


Saturday, July 1st 2017 marks our Nation’s 150th birthday! We’re looking good and feeling even better about this momentous occasion which is why Aura Effect is offering up the top ways to throw the most envious RED & WHITE Canada Day parties this country has even seen.

Our Nation’s colours will undoubtedly be proudly on display everywhere you look this summer but how can you parlay that into party ideas? Below are ways to rep your red and white this July 1st.

The key to a successful party is keeping your guests entertained while maintaining a high energy atmosphere. Aura Effect suggests keeping your guests active while participating in team games.  This can include everything from tug of war to water balloon fights, Canadian themed scavenger hunts and if your party space allows, relay races and track and field activities. Divide your teams by the colours; red and white, provinces and territories or even Liberals vs. Conservatives.

We have a feeling Canada day parties this year will go well into the evening and even the next morning so if your shindig is outside, keep the party going and the lighting on point with Aura effect’s LED glow furniture and décor. Use the easy to control pocket remote to change the colour of your waterproof LED furniture to luminescent red and white and watch while your guests dance the night away under flash, fade or strobe lighting options.

Food and drink will be plentiful during the celebrations so go the extra mile and colour coordinate your food and cocktails with our flags colours. There is an enormous amount of information on Canadian coloured food and drink options on Canadian lifestyle websites along with our personal favourite, Pinterest.

While Aura Effect knows Canadians will be partying hard come July 1st, it’s our responsibility to ensure our guests drink responsibly and under no circumstances, drive after drinking. Eliminate these concerns by collecting car keys at the beginning of your soiree and placing them somewhere secure. Plan ahead by posting multiple taxi service numbers by the exit and provide a Wi-Fi password for guests to order an Uber at the end of the night.

No matter where you’re celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, make sure to do so responsibly with lots of friends, family and neighbours. Happy Birthday Canada!

With gratitude and allegiance,
The Aura Effect family

Danielle Wilfong
Special Event Journalist 

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