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Monday 18 November 2019

5 Ways To Save The Planet: Corporate Christmas Party Edition

If your company, like many others, are searching for ways to reduce your carbon footprint check out these ideas below on how to have an Eco Conscious Holiday Party this season! 

This year we're challenging your company to dump the packaging and waste gift giving creates. Ditch the wrapping paper and branded literature and decor that is destined for landfills and instead, get naked by suggesting an unwrapped gift exchange for your office this year.

How else can you get naked? Make this year's party favours sweet but providing a candy buffet complete with reusable mason jars to bring home. This further eliminates paper and packaging waste often associated with boxes of chocolates and employee appreciation gifts. 

Sharing our experiences on social media is the norm today and while it may not be for everyone, the effect it can have on a business' corporate party reputation is immeasurable.
Give everyone FOMO with interactive illuminated photo-ops and a company branded LED wall display. Say NO to the garbage created by single use step and repeat banners and photo booth props.
LED branded walls create brand visibility, a unique experience and shareable content worthy of social media. 

Corporate holiday parties produce A LOT of waste but reducing it is so easy! When organizing the catering for the evening pick a shelter close to your venue and let them know you're throwing an event nearby. Confirm their willingness to accept food donations and have a designated team member responsible for dropping them off at the shelter immediately following the event ensuring as little food waste as possible. 

It's not just about plastic straws. Many companies are investing in seeded products when planning their corporate events. Utilizing seeded cups and plates over paper and plastic significantly reduces the consumption of paper products and water waste from industrial dishwashers.
Seeded, bamboo or leaf products are easily compostable with the proper guidance. Provide clear signage directing your guests on how to properly dispose, recycle or compost their utensils and dishes. You're one step closer to a zero waste event.

Holiday bonus' help to boost your staff's morale and reward them for a years worth of hard work but is there someone or something else you should also be giving to?
Take an office poll of your employee's favourite environment focused cause and give Mother Earth the holiday gift of carbon offsets to better your planet and feel great entering the New Year.

We want to continue this discussion! Let us know any ideas you have to reduce waste from your corporate holiday party this season.

Happy Holidays 🎄
The Aura Team

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