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Thursday 2 November 2017


End this year like a party boss with a kick ass glowing games night.
Glowing games nights and events can be tailored to any age group and venue by switching up the games, food & beverage offerings and theme. Don’t underestimate the power of games, glow and a little alcohol for the adults.

If games nights aren’t your thing, consider some LED glow furniture and décor to outfit your next event.


CHILDREN’S EVENTS - Birthday, Team Celebrations, Schools Out.

Entertain your children and their friends while solidifying your cool mom status by hosting glow parties during any time of the year.
A few of the games you may want to incorporate into your glowing games night are; bobbing for apples, musical chairs, bean bag toss, piñata’s, glow stick tic-tac-toe, glow bracelet ring toss, glow in the dark dodgeball.

TEEN EVENTS - Birthdays, graduations, Bat/Bar Mitzvah's, fundraisers, New Years, prom, Winter or Spring formals, Halloween parties.

Let the almost-teenagers in your life feel like a part of the adult party. Glow games and activities for the teens in your life include; charades, piñata’s, glow in the dark dodgeball, haunted houses.

ADULTS EVENTS - Birthday , stag & does, bachelorette, bachelor parties, work parties, team building nights, fundraisers, engagements, new years, Christmas Eve, corporate nights.

Make your friends feel like little kids again but with adult appropriate drinks and you’ll have your cronies begging for another glowing games night. A few of the games you can incorporate glow into are; beer pong, casino & poker nights, dance competitions, piñata’s, glow in the dark limbo.

Don’t forget about the customized vinyl decals we offer. This is the BEST & MOST CREATIVE way to personalize your party. Our event team works with you to create one of a kind images and text vinyl’s that can be applied to any of our LED glow furniture and décor. This includes but is not limited to; your company logo, the guest of honours face, numbers & letters.

Call us and we'll work with you to create your one of a kind glowing event . Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary events with some glow.

Talk to you soon,
The Aura Effect Team

Special Events Journalist
Danielle Wilfong 

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