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Thursday 19 October 2017


Halloween is one of those holidays that children and adults alike look forward to every year. You've got the usual scary stuff; your ghosts, goblins and monsters. Then there's the skeletons and sound effects in the haunted house but here's a thought...what about a little LED glow to celebrate the festivities ? 

                                                            GET SOME GLOW 
A haunted house is already dark and nightfall is the ideal backdrop for our LED glow furniture and decor. with 16 different colour options it's easy to pick a spooky colour scheme. Play around with your display using our pocket size remotes offering the options of flash, fade and strobe. 
It doesn't matter who you are, a good Halloween party is mostly appreciated by everyone and by adding a glow element you're sure to etch your name in the Halloween hall of fame graveyard. 

As seen in our images below, non-permanent paints and watercolours work perfect for bloody handprints, blood spatter, spiderwebs and any other image you have in mind for your spooky space. 
Aura Effect offers customization of images or text that can be expertly applied to any of our LED stock. There are also lots of Halloween decals and glow in the dark stickers you can find at both dollar and big box department stores that would pair perfectly. 

Aura Effect prides ourselves on executing our ideas and events in a creative and personalized way. Your event is only going to be as memorable as you make it so think outside the box and take risks. 
Creepy food displays, bobbing for heads in a large glow bucket, chilling bottles of vampire blood in our LED glow ice buckets and more! Call us and we'll work with you to plan the glowing Halloween event of your nightmares!

No matter how you're celebrating this year we hope it's spooky, scary and most of all safe! And remember, don't be the house that gives out apples - no one likes that house. 🍎

Party on Toronto!
The Aura Effect Team 

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