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Tuesday 12 September 2017


Have you planned your summer’s end party preparations? I’m aware you might be tired of everyone reiterating the fact that summer’s coming to an eventual end but it is. So what better way to end a stellar summer than with a glow in the dark LED tiki themed Hawaiian party!?!

Imagine your outdoor space after dark, decked out with glowing green and yellow service bars surrounded by luminescent couches, tables and glowing orbs sprinkled throughout the lawn. Your glowing ice buckets can be full of hibiscus and floral imagery as per our custom vinyl decals along with a themed party name. Anything you desire we can print and apply on all of our products for your party. Our weatherproof LED glow furniture & decor comes equipped with 16 colour options and three ways to display through a pocket sized remote.

Once you have your glowing LED pieces chosen to compliment your party consider our black top event tent if weather is a concern. Rain or extreme heat and sun can damper people’s spirit so a little bit of shade and shelter can go a long way.

There’s a wide range of glow in the dark party accessories and necessities such as cups, plates, utensils, serving dishes, linens and other trinkets in different themed categories.
Check out big box party supply stores along with lesser known websites and more boutique party shops for unique and theme fitting items.


1. Tonic water glows blue in UV light - perfect to use in your Hawaiian Punch.
2. Make party signage with neon markers on a blackboard that can reflect UV or black lights.
3. Glow in the dark clothing & apparel exists - a perfect addition to a glowing tiki party.

Aloha, Toronto!!
The Aura Effect Team

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