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Tuesday 25 July 2017


Parties are great. There’s music, dancing, drinks, great ambience and hopefully great company. Then there’s what I believe to be the most important component to any event - food.

Food display is a crucial element to your event. It should be easily accessible, clean, organized and inviting. Your food display should also have some continuity for guests to avoid food line traffic jams, overcrowding at the buffet or confusion over what the offerings are.

Consider the following 3 elements when displaying your food offerings at your next event.

Your food display should be visually appealing and welcoming to your guests. Step it up a notch with LED glow tables and stands. Aura Effect’s LED tables can switch between 16 different colour options to match your decor theme.
The illumination from the glowing tables will draw your guests attention toward the food display and add a touch of elegance. Guests will be clamouring to view the tasty treats.

Your menu should consist of options for every type of eater; meat, vegetarian and vegan. Your food offerings should be clearly labeled to inform guests of the dish and its ingredients. If a dish contains any type of nut it’s imperative to inform your guests due to the possibility of an allergic reaction.&

Typically, unless it’s a sit-down 3 course dinner your portion sizes should be appetizer like and easy to consume in a cocktail setting. Finger food or boxed foods work best. For example, mini poutines or mini fish and chips inside chinese takeout boxes served with a wooden fork. Mini portions is a great way to feed your guests. The mini offerings will decrease food waste and are super creative and tasty. 

Although you may have noticed the typical ‘wedding cake’ has decreased slightly in popularity as new and inventive grand dessert displays are being made to celebrate a newlyweds sweet union - it still tops the list for many couples.

Aura Effect suggests displaying your desserts or cake atop one of our closed glow cubes. Personalize your display by creating an image or text vinyl to be applied to the glowing display cube. Guests attention will immediately be focused on the sweetest part of the night - the dessert table.

Whether they eat it or not remains to be unseen. FYI, chocolate is always a fan favourite.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more blogs on everything to do with  parties.
Party on Toronto!

Special Events Journalist
Danielle Wilfong

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