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Tuesday 25 April 2017


Planning and executing a wedding is one of the most joyous and stressful occasions in a couples life. It takes a tremendous amount of planning, organization and patience to pull of the biggest event of your  relationship. Wedding planners and specialists are often hired by couples who wish to lessen their stress load and to help drum up creative touches to make your day extra special. Today we’re offering inventive ways to make your wedding day outstanding and we’re not charging you by the hour.

Every couple wants their wedding to be one to remember but how exactly do you set yours apart from others? For starters, you need something to make your event POP! And what better way to do that than to have LED glow furniture for your guests to enjoy. Not only is our furniture sturdy and waterproof, it also comes with 3 different display options and 16 different colours to choose from which are all accessible through one easy to use remote with a battery life of 10 – 12 hours.
We offer an extensive inventory of glow furniture from LED glow VIP area tables to 360 degree bars, buffet tables, serving stations, cubes and tables.

Accents and décor is what makes a wedding unforgettable but deciding on a theme or individual items can be overwhelming. Aura Effect suggests using LED glow décor to elevate your ambience.
Glow cubes can easily be used as eye catching center pieces. Adding a customized text or image to personalize the cube is an option. For instance, having the table number or the tables occupants names’ displayed on the glow orb is an alternative to using place cards.
Having an LED glow bar with the drink menu displayed on the front is a convenient and unique way of informing your guests of that evenings offerings.
Our glow ice buckets are perfect to place next to your tables to chill bottles of white wine or champagne.

It’s the little things that really get your guests talking. Often guests are told to take home a flower center piece as a thank you gesture for your attendance. Aura Effect is switching it up and suggesting you offer personalized wedding magnets to your guests as their parting gift. These magnets will be a sentimental reminder every day of the love that was displayed on your wedding. Your guests are sure to be impressed and touched that such a gift was given and able to be displayed every day of the year.

The core of Aura Effect is knowing how to plan, organize and throw a stellar event so rest assured that when you partner with us we will stop at nothing to ensure your big day is every bit as wonderful as you dreamed it would be.
Contact us today or visit our website, to learn more about past weddings we’ve helped create.

Let’s get married, Toronto!

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